Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sleeping on the Street (Various Neighborhoods in Manhattan)

Near Union Square.
About a week ago, I felt as if I was constantly seeing people asleep/passed out on the street. I don't know if they were all homeless but I assume the person in the doorway (photo above) nestled among various belongings was. Perhaps the others were too drunk or too tired to go home. I'm not sure what the point of taking their pictures is. I wondered if it was an invasion of privacy. One could argue that if they're going to sleep in public, they've surrendered their privacy, but then if they don't have a space of their own in which to guard their privacy, perhaps the right thing to do is create the illusion of privacy by ignoring them. Except I couldn't ignore them. Seeing them left me feeling upset, fearful, anxious. I decided to snap photos of everyone I saw, but then I skipped a few people... and then I stopped seeing them.

Did they go away? I'm not sure, although I find it hard to believe people stopped sleeping on the street. I'm afraid that after a brief moment of seeing them, I once again simply stopped noticing them.

Near Port Authority on 9th Avenue.
Amsterdam Avenue near 98th Street.
Near Port Authority.

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