Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Primary Day, but Don't Call it an Election (Upper West Side, Manhattan)

It's primary day in New York State, and for the first time in decades, a primary election in New York can actually help determine who the nominee will be for both major parties. For some reason, the smaller, less populated states go first in the primary season and by the time New Yorkers vote, the election is usually settled. But Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have mixed things up enough that the outcome is still an open question.
It's probably not accurate, however, to call what we're doing today in New York an "election". We vote but the power to select each party's nominee is in the hands of delegates and each party follows different rules. The Democrats have Super Delegates who aren't beholden to any vote but can pick whomever they please--a clearly undemocratic process, which is why I think calling the primary an "election" is a misnomer

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